Removing Tough Spots On Your Carpet Resulting From A Super Bowl Party

Maybe You Had Fun Having a Super Bowl Bash, But Is Your Carpet Screaming For A Hail Mary Of It’s Own?

How To Throw The Flag on Super Bowl Party Saboteurs and Block Them From Sacking Your Carpet

Let’s face it, on Super Bowl Game Day fans get so wrapped up in rooting for their teams nothing is safe, not even the carpet. Food spills, drink spills, pet urine because they ignored the dog, and worse. Throw in too much celebrating, it’s not pretty no matter which way you look at it! Somehow so much excitement around one final game drives us down to our most primal behaviors- fierce competition, sparing nothing in hopes of conquering our opponent, and ingesting massive amounts of food and drink, we often become oblivious to our surroundings.  Perhaps not a pretty sight, but one we wait for all year long and feel entitled about.  Our carpet doesn’t stand a chance!

The typical scenario, a party, where the men go back to their adolescence and live the game wishfully thinking they were on the field themselves. The women are there either deep in spirit, or along for the ride among friends.  Add to that an insane amount of calories, typically from pizza, wings, seven layer dip, beer, beer, more beer, burgers, ribs, wine, wine, more wine, throw in a few cigars, desserts, and spills, spills, spills.  Perhaps you can add the kids running around basically unsupervised, and the dogs in hot pursuit because of gravity,  it frankly is a recipe for carpet survival disaster!

Just a glimpse at the food sites and popular recipes shared, what are the chances your carpet or upholstery will make the next season.  I know we attend a party at a friend’s house where they serve wings, sliders, bang bang shrimp, seven layer dip, pulled pork, pizza, and of course beer, wine, shots, who knows what else, and almost nothing good for you.

So look at it from the carpet’s perspective, those helpless little yarns.  Sheepishly, Super Bowl Monday we get very humble or very happy but frantic calls for help.  Let’s face it, Super Bowl is tough on carpets, fabrics and other floors too.

But instead of calling us perhaps you’d like some tips to remove the slop yourself, and save a buck.  But if you have to call, we’ll be standing on the sideline ready.

Here are some carpet spots you might have from your Superbowl party, sorted into three types of cleaning categories:

Type I Offensive- taco sauce, wing sauce, pizza sauce

Type II Offensive-sliders, ketchup, ribs, pulled pork, Beer

Type III Offensive- Red Wine, Punch, Soda & Sugary Beverages

Referee- White Wine (i knew there is a reason I like this)

So now for the defensive line up

Everything listed, except pulled pork and some beers have dyes that stain if you heat the carpet up, either with hot water, or using a high ph “hot” chemical to treat it. So the best suggestion, use warm, not hot water, and a neutral cleaner, not a high ph substance. DO NOT USE AMMONIA under any circumstances. Also, most carpet cleaning products you can get easily at any store will also be too high in ph, and will “set” a stain permanently, so just don’t do it.  The free spotter we give you is safe, and if we haven’t given you any yet, all you have to do is ask! (keep your bottle for free refills- for life!)

The Defensive Equipment-

On hand you should have 2 towels, one in each hand, white terry towels.  Also, water, spotter we give you (ideally), Liquid Dish Soap (Dawn, ideally) and Hydrogen Peroxide, unfolded trash can liners.

Evaluate the offensive- Offensive No 1

Offensive Type I- Spots composed of dye, fat & maybe a bit of protein.

Now for the defense

Blot with a clean white towel, rinse by blotting with cool water, apply our spotter or the dish liquid (2 drops in a cup of warm water).  Blot dry. Rinse with cool water on clean towel. Blot dry.  Repeat until clean and no more color is coming out. Now blot with towel with hydrogen peroxide.  Wait 10 minutes & blot dry. Fold up clean dry towel, lay on the spot, place unfolded clean trash can liner, cover with heavy weight.  Leave for 2 days.

Offensive No 2

Offensive Type 2- Dye, lots of fat, heavy protein, sugars, needs flushing


Do all that the first defensive play calls for, but more! Add to it a repeat of the steps 2 more times.

Offensive No 3

Offensive Type 3- Dye, Sugar, and carbonation needed to attack penetrating spot or stain


Make sure you have carbonated water that is at room temp, without sugar, color or flavor. A second choice would be tonic water or club soda–preferably diet, a third choice is white wine  Blot up as much as you can. Clean with our spotter, or two drops of dish liquid, mixed with carbonate water, tonic, or white wine at room temp or cooler. Blot on the spot. Dry with dry spot towel.  Repeat until spot is gone, or stops lightening. If it remains, use a hint of hydrogen peroxide. Let sit 10 minutes. Repeat until the spot is gone, or lightening stops. Watch spot, if residue results in dry hard matter, vacuum up in couple of days.

Throw in the flag, call a penalty, ask for a review?

Plainly, if you are not comfortable with these steps you can call us.  And if you are unlucky enough to have graced your upholstery, well we don’t advise that you tackle that one yourself (many fabrics are delicate and can damage with some of these techniques.) We are on the sidelines to help!

Feel free to celebrate , we will have your back

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Game day doesn’t have to be game end for your carpets. If these tips don’t help, or if you throw in the towel we will have your back. Maybe your carpet or upholstery is at risk, but maybe your hardwood took a beating, we can help.  Call us at 609.953.0472  for a free consultation and estimate.