Hardwood Floor Refinishing-


Have Your Hardwood Floors
Lost Their Rich Luster?

Do They Look Beat Up? We can fix that. And most scratches, stains and a host of other unforgivables that life does to them!

In fact, now we can even refinish most floors with a highly durable, natural, finish with low VOC’s, that showcases your wood’s natural beauty.

Not All Refinishing is the Same–

Discover How Working with an NWFA Certified Wood Refinisher using the Latest “Dustless” Technology & Professional Grade Finishes will give you the look & lasting beauty for years to come.

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The Long and Short of the Hardwood Floor Restoration Process:

  • First, the Short Of It-
    • We’ll take care of assessing your floors & get you the estimate you need.  
    • We’ll come out & explain things to you incorporating a process described below.
    • Then when  you are ready we will roll our sleeves up & get to work. Leave the details to us.
    • You can even go away on vacation, and come home to beautifully restored wood floors.
  • Now the Long Of It-
    • If you prefer All the details before proceeding, read on–

You Might Like to Discover Why Families Love Our “Dustless” Hardwood Refinishing!   

  • What homeowners hate most about refinishing hardwood floors is all the wood dust blowing throughout the house. We use the new “dustless” equipment, which is not truly dustless, but it puts out far, far less dust than the old equipment used to.
  • Plus, when it is possible, we seal off the rooms to be worked on with plastic sheeting, to cut the dust to the rest of the house.
  • Vents are removed. Ducts are covered.
  • Hepa Filtration is used.
  • And of course, we clean up after ourselves.
  • Still, after all we can do, after refinishing the floors is a great time to have us clean the carpet and upholstery.

a-better-wheyOur System of Choice-  “Water Based” Poly Whey Finish, a Low VOC Environmentally Friendly Finish 

In keeping with our goal of bringing safely formulated environmentally friendly products on  board to assist us while  working in your home, we are thrilled to offer a wood floor refinishing system that qualifies!!!

Introducing a finish that uses whey, a by product of  the cheese making industry with  a low VOC finish, that  is safer for  your family, children & pets.   Considered break thru technology, this now gives us the opportunity to restore your floors  without bringing strong chemicals & strong VOC smells into your home.  (Most companies could care less what they bring in your home. And since most don’t even speak your same language, you can’t even find out what they use & if it is a safe product for your family)

Make no mistake, this is an outstanding finishing system  which is hard, durable and stands up to family use.  In  fact it is  successfully being used in restaurants & bars, where it takes a beating!

What Type of Wood Floors & Old Finishes Can Take a Whey Finish?

Please note that these services are for “Surface-Finish-Floors.” Meaning the original finish is applied only to the top of the wood–it does not penetrate deeply.  More than 90% of wood floors on today’s market use a surface finish, because of ease of care.  You can identify these floors, because you can see the finish applied that lays above the wood surface, as opposed to a penetrating finish that absorbs into the wood.  There are other services available for floors with penetrating finishes.

Also- The below referenced services are available for installed wood floors, not engineered or composite wood floors.  Typically the floors that are sandable are 5/8″s to 3/4″ solid wood. Engineered wood is a thin veneer that is bonded to a subfloor layering, and the sanding of these will destroy the veneer, therefore it is incompatible.

Please also note that certain woods, while sandable, are not conducive to re-staining “in the field” without great difficulty, and limitations in results.  Such woods as maple & hardwoods do well staying with a natural finish, but attempts in staining to a different color family may yield mediocre results.

Reasons To Sand & Refinish Your Wood Floors

  • The walk areas look worn, dull or thin compared to other areas
  • There are scratches or marks from furniture or things dragged across the floor- chairs, heavy furniture, toys, even high heels
  • The scratches or gouges feel deep, gaping or through the finish
  • There is evidence of pet damage- urine marks, nail scratches, chewing
  • You can see dark water marks, rings or black areas on the boards, say from plants, water leaks from leaky windows, appliance failure,or  sink overflow, etc.
  • Milky or cloudy patches are seen on the floor, or pealing or blistering of areas in the finish
  • Direct sun lit areas have faded areas.  There may be a difference when area rugs are removed from the floor
  • Polish has been used on the floors, or popular coatings readily available to treat the floors, even furniture polish over-spray
  • Boards are damaged, missing, split, cupped or curled
  • “Vintage,” old-outdated wood when you are looking for an updated “fresh” look

If your floors have any of these problems the writing’s on the walls, or should I say Floors! 

So now you have decided to refinish your floors, what makes working with us different?

  • You get a company who communicates clearly & thoroughly, not broken English or Sign Language-
  • We explain the process entirely,and keep you informed along the way
  • We don’t keep you in suspense or make you feel uneasy because you are misunderstood
  • We create a friendly rapport– we do not take over your home and act like strangers that make you uncomfortable
  • We understand your  questions & concerns & answer them clearly in a satisfying manner
  • You get professional service & results, not a wing & a prayer that makes you skeptical about what results you will end up with or what might happen along the way
  • You get an excellent finish system that is safe for your family, without the nasty & contaminating chemicals most contractors use

    Isn't what we use & bring in to your home worth it to her?

    Isn’t what we use & bring in to your home worth it to her?

  • Efforts  will be made to secure the work area with “tenting” and plastic will be used to cover surfaces & areas within the work area. The equipment used is dustless technology to minimize dust particulate. Vents & Returns are blocked off & Hepa Filtration is used
  • You are involved in decisions along the way as we proceed, allowing you to be in control of things that affect the end result
  • As incidentals occur we inform you and give you the opportunity to incorporate them being completed along with the work we do, i.e. additional painting (beyond trim), installing items (blinds) & Handyman type work- to get done instead of being left a list &  calling another contractor in (at a reasonable additional cost)
  • We hand over your beautiful floors and give you a clear understanding of how to take care of them & avoid mistakes that can affect their beauty & performance.  When we are done you will know what to do, what not to do, and be given the proper cleaners to use & have on hand
  • Without a doubt you will get a Customer Service Experience that is worth ever penny- great results, friendly-professional service,  and a team that wants to knock it out of the park to please you- What Every Consumer Really Wants (but rarely gets)

Getting Started Now That You Want To Proceed 

We will meet with you ahead of time to scope out the project.  After measuring & assessing the condition of the wood, together with your goals & objectives, we will present suitable options for you to consider.  If it is decided to refinish the floors we will explain the process.  After firming things up such as rooms to be refinished, stain & sheen selection, we will outline the work, review the costs, get approval and secure a deposit, (50 % due at signing).  Also we will review the schedule, incidentals & extras.

Questions We ask & Things We will Review:

  • Where is your electric panel, do you have a 220 line (for a dryer, stove, etc.)
  • Where is your thermostat?
  • Is anything in the work area damaged, delicate, frail or in need of special care?
  • Where can furniture be moved out of the work area? Either in adjacent room, or should we help you arrange to rent a pod for storage
  • Do you have heavy, delicate or items in need of professional movers (pianos, grandfather clocks, large wall units)?
  • We will locate things in your home to be aware of & utilize during our work.  If moving a Refridgerator, where can we move it to plug it in?
  • Are there pets that need to be safeguarded in other parts of the house during the work?
  • Where is there direct sunlight in the work area, if any (it might need to be covered up)
  • Where will you be during the work (often you need to vacate for some of the time). Will you be nearby or out of the area
  • We will describe the protective measures we take.
  • Would you like stain samples?

Probably the number one suggestion we may share, is that you try & be as flexible as possible.  There are unknowns about what finish we are dealing with, and the time line to prep the floor.  We also are at the mercy of mother nature, and must only proceed when the wood level humidity permits us to.  (Hint- winter is a great time to refinish floors because humidity levels are lower than other times of the year!)

Potential Damages You Need to Be Aware Of 

We work as carefully as we can to protect & preserve your home & furnishings while we work.  In many cases we will remove baseboard trim so we can get the floor sanded completely.  Some of the trim is brittle, so it may break.  For this reason we may factor in trim replacement for you.  Also, some stair work goes faster if we remove & replace the stair trim. Again we will discuss this with you.

No matter how careful we are, we are working with very aggressive sanding equipment, often close against trim, walls, painted surfaces, etc, and some nicks, bumps, and damage may occur. Also, blue painters tape will be applied, however it can pull paint, esp fresh paint, faux paint, etc. You should be prepared for some minor repairs to walls, i.e. paint, and trim replacement.  This will be kept to a minimum, however it will be part of the estimate or billed separately.  (With luck on our side we shouldn’t have much of this!)

How To Prepare For  Hardwood Floor Refinishing

  1. Begin by removing all decor, tabletop, collectibles, floor, even wall items.
  2. Move all furniture out of the rooms being done ahead of our arrival.  We can move it for you (additional charge) or depending on the contents you may even need to hire professional movers for items such as pianos, grandfather clocks, large modular units, fish tanks, etc.
  3. Action or use by family members & pets must be kept to a minimum and prohibited at times, including kitchen use
  4. HVAC Systems & Fans must be turned off at times during the work.  We will need to locate your thermostat.  Other times we must have access to control air flow & temperature, especially air conditioning during the warmer, humid months.
  5. Windows & Doors need to be closed in the work area, direct sunlight areas should be brought to our attention, as we may need to block the lighting during the stain, seal & finish applications
  6. No foot traffic for 4-12 Hours depending on what coat is applied
  7. When permitted light foot traffic only- stocking feet only, no shoes, bare feet or paws. (Keep pets off surface for 24 Hours)
  8. Do Not reset furniture for at a minimum of 24 hours, area rugs for 30 days
  9. Plan to apply felt furniture protectors on bottoms of legs and contact points to avoid scratching & damage to newly refinished wood floors

The Basic Time Line

Day: Step 1-Prep    Prepping the Work Area: Furniture, Decor, Appliances, Fixtures will be removed to  an adjacent area or storage pod.  Quarter Round removed, baseboards taped. Plastic  covers, plastic tenting with or without zipper access installed. Often 1/2 day or more.

Day: Step 2 Sand      Sanding will begin, to include heavy sanding, edging & finish sanding. A schedule of sanding is followed to prep the floor. Repairs (board replacement) may coincide with sanding. Also filling, syncing nails, etc. Depending on the scope this may take days.

i.e.-  1-3  Avg size Room  1-3 days                                                                                                                                  4-7 Avg -Lg Size Rooms 3-6 days

Final Prep- includes 1 or more inspection techniques to correct blemishes. final touches done.

Day: Stain- if stain is to be applied (perhaps after stain samples prepared on your floor for your final selection) it will be applied after final prep.  This must be allowed 6-8, ideally 12 or more hours to dry.  Moisture readings will be taken to determine dryness.

Note- If going on the “dark side”, taking a light colored floor dark. extra attention & time may be necessary to prep the floor & remove finite blemishes that will crawl thru the finish & be visible.

Sheen Selection- There are of choices of finishes for you to consider, flat, satin, gloss or high gloss finish.  You should think about what you want & let the technician know.  It is best to match the existing, but sometimes homeowners want to change that.  You should have a clear idea of what you want & talk with the technician ahead of time. (PS- Satin is most popular, it has a moderate shine, but obscures blemishes and shows less as they accumulate in the future. it is the most “forgiving” sheen choice).

Day: Seal & Finish- After the stain is set a sealer will be applied & allowed at least 4 hrs or more to dry (again moisture readings taken to determin dryness). then the lst finish coat may be applied. Finish may take as little as 2 hrs to set up, or longer (readings will be taken).  2 Coats of Finish are applied.

Day: Reset Trim, Clean Up, Touch Up & Remove Equipment-  Almost done! Tape & tenting comes down, trim removed is reset/replaced.  Transitions & new trim modifications installed.  Repairs, fills, paint touch ups completed.  Furniture reset (except area rugs- off for 30 days).

Which Less Invasive Level of Service Do You Need For Your Hardwood?

Light Duty Cleaning

Light Duty Cleaning Which Level of Service Do You Need For Your Hardwood?

Deep Cleaning & Conditioning or

“Screen & Top Coat”

New Wood Floors Look Brilliant and Rich Looking, but over time they become obscured by dust, soils, oils, air pollution, fertilizers,mop residue, and can even absorb moisture, germs and worse.

Floors in this condition don’t necessarily have heavy damage, they just appear dull or flat.  When this is the case you don’t need the hassle or expense of sanding, you just need a restoring treatment akin to a “facial or micro derm abrasion.”  (Note- The Technician will advise if your floor needs a full sanding and or repair & restoration).

This system is better suited for Engineered or “floating” floors, or to tidy up the floors when the house is being listed or rented.  It may be just what the doctor ordered.

The Deep Cleaning Process

  • The Wood Floors will be thoroughly vacuumed with equipment using hepa filtration.
  • It will next be scrubbed with wood floor scrubber, and or a weighted floor machine using nylon floor pads and a waterborne Ph Neutral, non-toxic cleaner formulated specifically to clean all types of hardwood.
  • The floors will then be vacuumed again to remove dust, grit & particulate, followed by tacking with a micro-fiber cloth

” Screen & Top Coat”

Perhaps the floors are showing some minor battle scars, but nothing deep or radical.  Perhaps the shine is obscured, and the finish appears “thin in areas”.  Maybe you need some TLC on a budget, or are readying the house to sell & need a little spiffing up without breaking the bank.  For Floors such as this, see “Screen & Top Coat.”

A floor that is being screened- shows the finish “roughed” up & ready for finish

The service known as “screen & top coat” is ideal for the floor that is “lightly” used and in need of a little pick me up.  Perhaps the shine is obscured or there are minor (I mean minor) surface scratches.  This is ideal when the floor overall isn’t in bad shape, and also ideal when budget is an issue.  Also, whenever possible it is best especially if you are trying to sell the property, this will restore shine without the mess, hassle or expense of sanding.

One note of caution–  Your floor must be tested for compatibility.  Should a polish or popular coating readily available have been applied to the floor, you will not have the option of this “in-between” service.  Polishes & some coatings are not compatible with the poly coatings used. The coatings must be removed.  Hence you have no choice but to resort to sand & refinish them.

The screen & top coat process entails us buffing up the floor with an abrasive pad (to scratch the surface finish), and after careful vacuuming & tacking the floor for dust, we apply an additional layer of finish.  This will brighten, shine, obscure minor blemishes, but it will not address gouges, scratches thru the finish, remove pet stains or water marks.