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Do You Take Pet Contamination Seriously?

Did You Know That Urine Breeds Germs Like Hepatitis?

Why is it that people are very diligent in keeping their bathrooms cleaned, but will often ignore pet urine on carpet? Probably because carpet absorbs urine quickly & it’s hard to see.

Willingboro Residents Rely on Classic Carpet Care to Remove Pet Stains & Odors.

Willingboro Pet Urine

Urine Contamination may be much more severe than you realize

Remove pet urine Willingboro NJ

We can remove pet accidents using the water claw

Classic Carpet Care of Willingboro Offers 2 Pet Odor Treatments…

1. Minor Odor Treatment- In this treatment and odor eating enzyme will be applied directly to odor causing spots. Although this treatment is a valiant attempt, it is NOT guaranteed .

2. Major Odor Treatment- In this treatment, we pull the affected carpet up and completely saturate the carpet, backing, and cushion (pad). This is a very extensive treatment that ensures we get to the source. *There may be cases when the walls and baseboards are contaminated preventing us from guaranteeing the removal. We will advise you in advance.

Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics. It can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. When urine is first deposited onto a floor or fabric, it is in an almost “neutral” state which means it is easier to remove when it is fresh. Once it dries, it turns “alkaline” and becomes more difficult to remove. If left for days or weeks, depending on the fabric or floor type, it will permanently change the dye structure, therefore causing permanent staining. Even if the soluble deposits are removed, the damage to the dye structure may already be done.

**This means that no one can guarantee complete removal of all urine spots. Please consult with your technician if you have questionable urine spots on your carpet.

To prevent permanent staining in the future, clean urine spots immediately by blotting with a white terry cloth towel or plain white paper towels until no moisture is transferred. To clean the spot, mix 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water and massage (don’t rub) into the spot with a white terry cloth. Once you have “flushed” as much of the urine out as possible, blot with dry cloths until dry to the touch. *If you have a small extraction machine, flush with fresh water until spot is removed. *DO NOT USE OVER THE COUNTER, GENERAL SPOTTERS OR EXTRACTION DETERGENT. IF YOU DO NOT USE THIS FORMULA, ASK US ABOUT SPECIAL PET SPOTTERS.

Here's A Fictional Story About What Happens With Pet Odors
pet odor stain removal Willingboro NJ“Cat Pee On A Hot Tin Roof” Here is an amazing fact: Did you know you can smell better on a hot day than you can on a cold day? That’s because smell is transferred by water vapor and there is typically more water vapor in the air on warm than on cold days. Think about this- They don’t Call August “The Dog Days of Summer” for nothing! So the Bottom Line is Urine Stinks No Matter Who It Comes From!

This story shows why smells matter so much…
It was cold. I was cleaning a carpet for a favorite client who was moving into a newly purchased home, lets call her Mrs. Jones, to protect the innocent. In fact, it was really cold. On hot days you can’t see it, but today it was so cold you could see the carpet literally steaming for minutes after I cleaned an area.

Now I should tell that Mrs. Jones’ house smelled perfectly wonderful when I first walked in.

So merrily I go along, cleaning her carpet, steam rolling up into my face, the freshly cleaned carpet steaming behind me as I go, then all of a sudden the hot steam picked up the most horrible odor. I knew this smell. I struggled not to gag.

Guess who just happened to walk in the room right then? Mrs. Jones. She whirled toward me as she caught a good whiff and saw the expression of disgust and horror on my face and I think she mistook my expression for guilt or something, because she demanded, “What is that horrible smell?”

Off guard and totally tactless I answered, “Cat pee. Lots of It.”

Mrs. Jones shouted, “Why on earth would you put cat urine in my carpet?!” tears actually welled up in her eyes. We had a complete misunderstanding here.

I tried to explain that I use only pure, clean, steamy hot water and mild detergents. That the cat urine was already there and all I did was activate it when I hit it with hot water. But she wasn’t listening. I actually got thrown out of her house on my coat tails.

In the days that followed, she called two other companies to clean out the cat urine that she thought I put in her carpet. Neither of them could, so she replaced the carpet. When the installer replaced the carpet he showed her that it was not just the carpet, the pad was soaked with urine and the floor too. He replaced the pad but since he did not seal the floor, the odor will still come up through it.

Mrs. Jones thought I had gone berserk, but if she had only listened to me,

I could have saved her so much hassle.

She had bought a home with a carpet that had been soaked with pet urine. You couldn’t smell it because the heat was low and the house was cold. But when my steam warmed it up you could sell it with a vengeance.

she called two carpet cleaning companies who had no idea how to handle this problem and topped it off by blowing money on a new carpet and made the sin of installing it over a contaminated floor that will surely smell this summer. At least she could have replaced the pad.

Did you know the average house cat can put 40 gallons of urine per year into your carpet and you may not know it? The cat tends to go in 3 different places behind furnishings, along edges and walls and usually out of site. So you may never see it.

The urine has natural “penetrants’ that cause it to immediately go through the carpet inot the pad. The pad can hold 3 gallons of pet urine per square yard without getting squishy wet. The urine dries slowly but if the cat goes in several places, which is normal, the carpet dries fast enough that it dries in the base of the carpet and the homeowner may never notice the smell.

In fact 20% of all people cannot smell the specific odor of cat urine. The urine odor is strong enough to make the other 80% of us totally gag, but if you are one of the 20% that can’t smell cat urine, your guests might be grossed out by something in your carpet that you can’t even smell.

To add insult to injury, when the other carpet cleaners tried to clean the carpet, they moistened the urine and activated the odor, since the ammonia salts deposited with the urine grab the moisture and hold onto it, the odor can take weeks to go away. Mrs. Jones got angrier every time the carpet was cleaned, because each time it smelled worse and the smell seemed to hang around even longer.

I swear I can help you Mrs. Jones:

I wash much of the urine out, but in order to do that, I activate the dried urine, get it wet, so I can wash it out. When it gets wet, it smells to high- heaven. But I wash that out. Had Mrs. Jones given me a few minutes, the worst part would have been over.

Plus I have treatments that can digest cat urine. Special bacteria and enzyme cultures, harmless to us human, eat urine like crazy…on small jobs I can apply it topically, on heavy contamination I can disengage the carpet, clean both sides and apply it to the pad and both sides of the carpet, then wash it out, plus seal the floor. I can guarantee complete odor removal, one way or another. we do have cleaning agents that work wonders. Or we can help you seal it in and replace the carpet.

If you notice an odor, I can clean it out, but some cases require extra treatment, and you can’t always tell an odor is there before you start. In the rare case that an odor pops out while cleaning, please rest assured that I know what I am doing, it smells because I am getting rid of it and it will be gone shortly. And while it dissipates I can help with a pleasant deodorizer to cover it up some. I feel terrible for Mrs. Jones’ saga, but it didn’t need to happen. A little better communication, patience, understanding and ultimately trust in the cleaning expert would have helped everyone involved!

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