Marble Polishing & Honing

Marble is a beautiful surface that adds prestige and appeal to well appointed homes the world over.    And with modern designs reincorporating time honored traditions, more & more homes have marble and stone surfaces.

But like the finer things in life, some furnishings & coverings have special care instructions,  and certainly marble and stone surfaces are one such example.

Although it is lovely, you should plan carefully where you install marble.  Be very careful about choosing marble in a kitchen, even common foods & beverages can cause damage very quickly to a marble surface.  You may want to evaluate your personal lifestyle first, and have a good heart to heart with your designer about it before you do something you might regret later.

For instance, marble has an absorbability that can result in it being affected by things it comes in contact with.  Hi ph solutions, chemicals & such can easily cause discoloration, chemical etchings, rings, and can obscure the beauty & shine overall.  For this reason one must be particularly careful about what touches the marble surfaces.

In example would be cleaners.  Only low ph & properly formulated cleaners should be used on marble & other stone.

Chemical Rings from household products

Another problem, household products like bath & body products well suited for bath & body care can react & cause chemical rings to marble.  And because it is common to have marble in bathrooms, so too is it common to have ring marks from shampoos, sprays & cleaners.  And, when unknowingly someone uses the wrong cleaner on the marble surface,  the shine is gone,   it turns flat and dull.

Store bathroom items on a tray on Marble Counters

Even everyday use and walking on stone surfaces will turn brilliant, shiny stone into a dull and drab appearance.


Marble needs proper care for cleaning, and marble needs to be conditioned, buffed & shined.    Some suggestions would be:

  1. Only use cleaners that are proven safe for use on marble, granite & stone. Generally these are lower ph7 cleaning products specifically formulated for stone care.  Do not use common household cleaners.
  2. Avoid storing household products, bath & body products on marble & stone surfaces.  If you use them keep them off the marble surface directly.  If you spray things like hair spray, step back from the surface, or use spray over a bath mat.
  3. Inspect your grout joints & make sure the grout is sound.  Grout should be repaired to avoid getting water behind the stone surface, weakening the installation, harboring mold & perhaps causing discoloration in the marble or stone.
  4. Use matting to contain oils & penentrants &  from migrating from one surface to another.  Oils & asphalt coatings will give off a film that can transfer via foot traffic on to a marble surface, and absorb & discolor the marble or stone.  This is common where there is a marble foyer or hall near a garage or driveway.  A yellowing dull & dinginess will appear on the marble obscuring the brilliance & shine.
  5. Use matting to contain abrasive sands & soils.  They will sand away at the brilliance & shine over time.
  6. Avoid metal objects & sharp edges, they will scratch or leave rust marks
  7. Avoid hot items like a curling iron or iron it will damage the stone
  8. Plan to schedule a periodic marble clean & shine.



After Polishing restores Beauty & Shine

Before Polishing