Hardwood Floor Cleaning Rancocas NJ

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Rancocas NJ

You Don’t Have To Live With Dull Looking Wood Floors Anymore

New Wood Floors Look Brilliant and Rich Looking, but over time they become obscured by dust, soils, oils, air pollution, fertilizers,mop residue, and can even absorb moisture, germs and worse which is why you need hardwood floor cleaning Rancocas.

Floors in this condition don’t necessarily have heavy damage, they just appear dull or flat. When this is the case you don’t need the hassle or expense of sanding, you just need a restoring treatment akin to a “facial or micro derm abrasion.” (Note- The Technician will advise if your floor needs a full sanding and or repair & restoration or a hardwood floor cleaning Rancocas).

Wood Floor Cleaning Rancocas Steps

What To Expect With This Wood Restoring Treatment-

  • The Wood Floors will be thoroughly vacuumed with equipment using hepa filtration.
  • It will next be scrubbed with a weighted floor machine using nylon floor pads and a waterborne Ph Neutral, non-toxic cleaner formulated specifically to clean all types of hardwood.
  • The floors will then be vacuumed again to remove dust, grit & particulate, followed by tacking with a micro-fiber cloth
  • A urethane-acrylic blend coating (waterborne, non-toxic, low VOC that is virtually odorless) is applied to even out the floor appearance. This is a durable layer that protects the wood and restores luster, brilliance & beauty and allows us to do hardwood floor cleaning Rancocas
  • Here’s How To Prepare For This Hardwood Floor Cleaning Rancocas Service

    1. Move all furniture out of the rooms being done ahead of our arrival. We can move it for you (additional charge) or depending on the contents you may even need to hire professional movers for items such as pianos, grandfather clocks, large modular units, fish tanks.
    2. In an effort to minimize airborne particles, all family members & pets must be out of the work area.
    3. HVAC Systems & Fans must be turned off in work areas.
    4. Windows & Doors need to be closed in work area
    5. No foot traffic for 4 Hours after the final coating is applied
    6. After 4 Hours Light Foot Traffic Only- stocking feet only, no shoes, bare feet or paws. (Keep pets off surface for 24 Hours).
    7. Do Not reset furniture for at a minimum of 24 hours.

    Don’t hesitate to call us for Hardwood Floor Cleaning Rancocas