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Have You Converted Your Home To Cleaner, Safer Living Yet?

Do You Know That According To The American Cancer Society 1 in 2 men and one in 3 women will develop cancer in their lifetime?

Compared to 50-100 years ago can you not help but question why cancer is on the rise so rampantly? Could it be that along with the conveniences of today we have somehow also have exposed ourselves to toxins that are poisoning us?

Do You Realize That Common Household Products & Brands You Grew Up with have cancer causing ingredients  in them?

Products like Laundry Detergent, Disinfectants,Dish Detergents, Bathroom Cleaners, Floor Cleaners, Tooth Paste, Shampoo, Lotions, Candles. Take a look:

  • Laundry Detergent– did you know a popular leading brand is 70% water with 8 cancer causing ingredients? We wash our clothes in it and then put it on our skin, where it absorbs in to our bodies. We purchase the large jugs of glorified water with harmful ingredients, while they laugh all the way to the bank. What if a company was more responsible & formulated with all natural ingredients without the water-there would be less plastic to pollute the environment, not to mention the savings on shipping, storage, energy.
  • Bathroom Cleaner-do you know that a popular brand has dioxin in it. Dioxin is a harmful chemical related to deadly Agent Orange chemical.  Considered  one of the most harmful of chemicals with significant accidental deaths in children & pets, yet we unknowingly have it in our bathrooms to clean.
  • Toothpaste– do you know it has formaldehyde in it. Any amount larger than the size of a pea ingested by a small child requires a trip to the Emergency Room.
  • Antiperspirants– do you know they have aluminum in them, the kind that is harmful to humans
  • Bubble Bath- do you know that a leading brand has a class action law suit because they have formaldehyde in it, and the instructions right on the label say- “no prolonged exposure to skin”. What’s with that?

The list of harmful ingredients goes on and on.

What if you could remove some of these harmful
ingredients from your home,
Don’t you think that would be safer for your babies, children?

Families today are “going green” and making a conscientious effort to remove harmful products in their home, to reduce exposure to their babies, children, pets, even themselves. But although they are making a switch, when they do, it is at an added expense.  Or others who want don’t because they can’t afford it.  It is common knowledge that when you shop for these “green” products, like organic choices they cost more to cultivate, formulate and you can expect to pay more (kind of like organic produce, you will definately pay more than the other produce).

But what if I could show you how to get natural safe alternatives that work great and are delivered right to your door at 35-40% savings.

Well there is this company who has natural, safe formulations that replace harmful ones,  that do a great job and are at a significant savings & great value (at or below what you get at the stores).And the cool thing is , they are delivered to your door, saving you time, gas & money!  Here are some of our favorites including a safe cleaning line that is all natural, registered safe on poison control, and do not even require any child safety caps:

  • Laundry Detergent- in concentration, one 5 x 7 bottle does the equivalent of 3 ginormus bottles of the leading competitor, without the harmful chemicals. (15.99 compared to $57).  People rave at how clean & fresh! One friend is amazed at how her husband’s smelly mechanic clothes come out clean & fresh smelling!
  • Bathroom Cleaner- all natural citric acid, this formula surprisingly cleans great, even nasty toilets and soap scum. use it straight for tough jobs, or diluted in a bucket or spray bottle. No DIOXIN, no harmful ingredients
  • Toothpaste- this formula does not have formaldehyde, (click here for Scotty D’s children’s story that saved his children!) but competes with the luxury  brands that Dentists recommend, (the popular brand at about $9, ours at $4)
  • Deodorant- without the bad kind of Aluminum- great piece of mind.  By the way, do you know that women should shave their armpits at night, then apply deodorant in the morning. This keeps the body from absorbing the deodorant formula into the lymph nodes after showering
  • Bubble Bath- NO Formaldehyde! Let your little ones delight in their bath time with piece of mind!

Take a look at some other smokin’ hot products that are

so fantastic once you use them you won’t live without them:

  • Lotion- THIS STUFF IS FANTASTIC!!!!! Luxurious, long lasting, absorbs quickly yet works for hours, not greasy & lightly scented that disappears, this formula solves countless dry skin problems and conditions.  Countless stories about solving eczema problems, particularly in children, outperforms the leading recommended lotion by dermatologists 7 to 1!!!!
  • Vitamins – Break thru technology for optimal absorption, use they vitamins and join the thousands who actually feel better when on them.  Comments include renewed energy, a calming affect, lower blood pressure & cholesterol levels, no more migraines, heartburn, better joint movement.  Complex formulas, or individual supplements. Just yesterday a Dr was suprised at the complexity of the formula, endorsed it completely for his patient, and marveled that the cost was so little for such a diverse & beneficial formula.  He suggested we tell the MS folks we know about it, it could really help them!

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