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I’m the Pro You Call To Evaluate Before You Spend Money. Get Advice & Plan Wisely, I Save Floors & Save Your Clients Money & Time

We’ll Give You A Plan, Then We Can Clean, Refinish, Repair, Restore or Replace



Wood Floor Refinishing, Stone Care & Cleaning  of Any Carpet,  Dirty Tile & Grout, Upholstery, and Disaster Restoration†

Call Me When You or Your Client Are:

  • Listing

  • Staging a Home or Business

  • Dealing with or preparing for a Home Inspection

  • Moving In or Out

  • Smelling a Pet or Urine Odor or Other Funk

  • There is a Problem with Allergies or Pet Dander

  • There are Spots, Stains or Soiling

  • There are Carpet Wrinkles or Rips and Broken Seams

  • Marble, Stone or Hardwood is Dirty, Dull, Chipped or Scratched 

* Flooring Types Examples: Carpet/Hardwood/Marble/Granite/Stone/Tile/Linoleum/Cement

† Examples of “Disaster Restoration”: Flood/Fire/Smoke/Sewage Backup

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Here’s What Realtor Guy Elzey Says About Classic Services

Floor, Counter and Upholstery Cleaning & Restoration

Guy Elzey

“I want to share a little secret with you I found to sell homes faster, with less hassle and have happier clients— It’s My Own “Designed To Sell” Go To Team. Ruined Carpets can often be restored to “like-new,” instead of replaced. Wood floors can look rich once more. Twenty years worth of dirty film on tile & black grout stains gone. Brilliant marble, granite, stone floors and counters will shine once again. But if the stuff is too far gone they can replace it too. One call–No hassle. It’s taken care of and your client’s specialty cleaning and flooring problems solved!

But most cleaning professionals aren’t really all that great. Here’s a hands on team that helps me get it all done, whether it’s to clean, repair, restore or replace. They not only do a great job and handle more than one project, they also excel at customer service. Your clients feel like they are in good hands and will be glad you referred them too. And they offer you free cleaning so you can see for yourself what they do, and a certificate for free cleaning you can give to your clients as well” Guy Elzey– E.G. Elzey & Son Realtors, Haddonfield, NJ

Chris Fenske, Master Cleaner and Restorer, Co-Owner

Chris Fenske, Master Cleaner and Restorer, Co-Owner

How Classic Services Can Help You Make Better Decisions Regarding

Carpeting, Counters and Floors Made of Marble-Granite-Tile or Stone,

Upholstery and Leather, Odors and Allergens, Even Old Concrete Slab

Straight From the Horses Mouth:

Hi, I am Chris Fenske, Owner of Classic Services—I solve carpet,wood & stone problems you face when getting ready to list a home. I sanitize, restore or replace what sellers need to do to get ready. I help Buyers making it really, really clean before they move in. I Even Save Them “Tons of money” in the process!

Agents like Guy Elzey, Larry Steinberg, Broker Alyce Klaus & Team Weichert Moorestown, Bob Kelly & Andre Lapierre, Val Nunnenkamp & Val Bertsch and over 400 local agents (see the “Who’s Who” list below, of agents who call me–Maybe you know some of them, and you can get on the list too!)  have come to rely on the no nonsense practical advice that we give them.  With over 30 years experience in technical cleaning & building maintenance, we bring a unique blend of experience & guidance that agents really do appreciate.

Here’s How a Free Consultation Can Save You Money, Time and Hassle:

→The “should we clean it or replace it” question can be a costly mistake affecting a sale–and while you are in that dilemma wouldn’t it be nice to get practical advice before you do the wrong thing.

→How about the property that is full of cigarette smoke or pet odor and allergens like cat dander?  Do you realize this can be a real challange?  A challenge so prone to miss steps ending in costly mistakes,  you could lose valuable time, money and even your client, pretty easily.

At this very moment I am working with Peach Button, and with another landlord who have quite a problem on their hands.  In each case the owners have already sunk good money but overlooked key steps and now there are potentially costly consequences involved.  In Peach’s case she appreciates our help and is working to get her client on board.  In the other case the landlord may well need to seal & paint the entire property, have the ducts cleaned & the carpets replaced.  For him, the clock is ticking & if we don’t resolve it by Monday he will lose a valuable tenant!)

Call Wendy at (609) 557-7410

 So to help everyone I have put together a booklet of useful tips that realtors can use to help their clients–

Realtors Reference Guide For

Carpets, Hardwood & Stone Flooring

How To Resolve Special Problems

“Secrets To Help You Take The Wrinkles Out Of The Sale!”

This is honest advice that will make your client’s house

clean up easily & wisely, and down & dirty advice

on how to fix problems some properties face.

Use it to get the job done right , the deal done and the house SOLD!

→Inside you will find useful information Regarding Issues About Flooring.

→You will get a better feel on about when to clean & when to replace.

→You will learn about special problems and how to best guide your client to resolve them in a manner that sells the home quickly and insures a smooth sale.

Quite frankly this will help you save a clients and save sales. It will get the deal done faster, and preserve the sale price to maximize commissions.

A Floor Care Pro’s Hints to Realtors

For Staging a Home and Quick, Easy Commissions

The simple step is this: when a potential seller agrees to list a house with you, call me to give it a free inspection of the flooring. I’ll tell you what needs to be done to the flooring, if anything, to sell the home quick, keep you out of trouble and earn you faster, easier commissions.

And when your potential buyer puts down an earnest money deposit, call me, just like you would call for a home inspection, to give them a free inspection of the flooring in the house they are buying. I’ll discover the concerns they will have to face and I’ll tell them the best and easiest solutions and give them exact quotes. 

Hint- Just as a freshly painted door & exterior affects the first impression of the outside of your home, carpet & flooring have a dramatic impact on the first impression of the inside of the home.  Realtors have long said that 60% of a buyers’ impression of the inside of your home is due to your carpet & flooring… whether the prospective buyer realizes it or not.

So when you are getting the property ready with the Seller you should emphasize how important the carpet & flooring is to enticing a buyer.  Actually it sets the tone in just seconds, either positively or negatively.  If it is dirty, or smelly or damaged, then it sends a negative message to a buyer.  If it is clean, fresh & fluffy, then it is inviting, and sends a positive message in seconds to a buyer to hang around & look further, improving your chances of them liking the home & making an offer.

It has been recognized for a couple of decades now that not just the cleanliness and condition of the furniture, but everything about the condition of the interior and even the home’s contents and their layout affect the sale. This has created the buzzword “Staging,” which has become almost industry standard. We make tired old leather and upholstered furniture look like new and prevent chargebacks on rented furnishings used for staging.

The challenge- Owners are so used to seeing their carpets every day that they overlook many flaws that scream to buyers touring the home and drive them away or make them barter for a replacement.   This is where frank talk and gentle persuasion play a part.  Paint and flooring is so key, cleaning at the very least can be key, and cost effective.

Simple Step To Sell For More Money- A updated & manicured home competes better than a dull, drab & unkempt home.

Hint- Make wise updating decisions.  Start with the obvious eyesores,  the bigger picture, then work your way down to the little details. Cleaning can go along way. Buyers will forgive the smaller items when the bigger picture is enticing.  Don’t let the buyer negotiate things that lower the price.  Eliminate that possibility from the start by having your sellers get a good clean and shine on their carpets and floors of all types.

The challenge- Owners may have limited funds, so creativity to prioritize is key.  Get expert advice on the “clean” or “replace” question.  Minor rips, stains or odors can often be repaired. Don’t spend money that you don’t have to.

With Fewer Hassles- Why chance a haggling point that spoils negotiations, delays the settlement or interferes with commissions? Get it fixed and cleaned up before it hits the market.

Here’s What To Do-

Call Me for a “FREE Fast-Sell or Buy Consult”

Some things will clean up, some things will fix up. Some times they can’t.  Get expert advice to help you prepare or negotiate wisely. I specialize in restoring carpets floors and counters which can get your home ready for sale.  I save carpets, floors and counters for people that others cleaners are not able to– it’s true, not all cleaning is the same, and not all cleaners can do this.  Frankly, if it’s, I can save it–And if it’s not savable I can replace it!  That’s why I am the cleaner realtors refer most!

Ask for My“Sellers Special”- A prescription and pricing specifically for sellers, hits the problem areas or gives the seller options that are affordable.

 Ask for a Buyer’s Consult Get An Honest Assessment of the Condition of the Flooring For a Prospective Home- Get A Determination about “Cleanability” or whether replacement is inevitable. Get an estimate for Cleaning or Replacing that can be used in helping to determine an offer or counter-offer.  Close the gap quicker to get the deal done. 

Call Wendy at (609) 557-7410

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