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Our Experiences in the beginning-Chris & Wendy Fenske started Classic Services, serving a variety of businesses in the So Jersey Area back in 1983.  From l small crew to a staff of over 50 people managing as many as almost 70 offices simultaneously, we specialized in the hi-profile building “image” market.  Whether tenants, property mgrs, or owner occupied facilities, we enjoyed a prestigious reputation well known for & relied upon by the local business community. And whether it be a single office, a tenant, or a complete office complex, we accommodated a diverse list of buildings including:

  • Medical Offices, Urgent Care Facilities, Surgical Suites, Dialysis Centers, Dental Offices
  • Dealerships- Cadillac, Ford, Pontiac, Honda, VW, Mitsubishi, Kia
  • Law Firms, Accounting, Insurance, Real Estate & Other Professional Offices
  • Health Clubs, Country Clubs, Community Centers, Senior Centers
  • Public Utility Bldgs, Corporate Hi Rises, Mfg’s
  • Builders, Property Mgrs, Commercial Realtors & Strip Store Owners
  • Restaurants, Catering Halls, Other Food Entities & Convenience Stores
  • Churches, Parsonages, Synagogues,  Funeral Homes
  • Government Buildings, Municipalities
  • Military Facilities: VFW’s, Officer Clubs, On Base Housing, Training Centers, Family Centers
  • Schools, Daycare, Senior Care Centers, Non Profits, Group Housing
  • Retail, Warehouse & Distribution Centers

At the height of our service years we simultaneously had 2 groups of banks with about 7 offices, 3-4 dealerships, 3 health clubs, 2 municipalities, an office complex with 9 buildings, a dialysis center, several Dr offices, and 9 utility buildings, and a world headquarters for a commercial building firm, and North American Headquarters for a prestigious Crystal & Art Glass Company.

Another accomplishment of importance, was being given recognition for our 9 utility buildings in “flagship condition”. Staff came down from corporate, toured our buildings and fielded a team who would be responsible for replicating the work we did in our buildings for their other facilities.

With the changing times of the commercial real estate market, the economy and volatility in the labor markets, a decision was made in 1996 to focus on specialized services & technical cleaning in the commercial & residential market.  The on-going building maintenance contracts were phased out.  We continued to serve our commercial customers for periodic & technical services, and redirected our efforts to expand heavily into the residential business market.

Where Things Headed Next- These past several years have been personally rewarding, productive and successful.  The transition went smoothly & we have build a solid reputation working from the smallest of residential jobs to being particularly known in the manicured & hi-end residential market, including Private Estates ranging up to $10 million in value.  We pride ourselves in partnering with these discerning homeowners to manage all their technical cleaning needs, and with one easy & trusted phone call. From carpet, to upholstery, leather, tile & grout, from allergy cleaning, real estate cleaning, pet odor & odor treatments, wood floor restoration, marble, granite, stone, from water damage & soot damage, to new flooring replacement, we make the regular maintenance a pleasure for the homeowner, not a headache. One call, one team. Workmanship they can count on, and service that is appreciated.

But to take it a step further, we have not only worked for thousands of residential clients, we also are happy to help them with their businesses as well.  In addition, we have continued to serve the commercial clients who use us for the periodic work, and we welcome others who learn about us along the way.

A New Vision For A Commercial Division- We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with some former staff managers & others who are looking to re-establish a presence doing on-going maintenance in the local business community.  We are reaching out to our past commercial clients, much revered residential clients who have businesses and others who would appreciate competent, proven, trusted  & consistent service.

With our proven track record of experience, and the commitment to renew our customer service in the commercial market, we are certain there are clients who will be delighted & want to use us for their maintenance needs.  No longer a medial task,  this is a specialized profession whom every business owner deserves to enjoy & benefit from.

If you are tired of your current arrangement, are just tolerating what is being done, and want a refreshing change,Give us a call!

Commercial Office Cleaning- looking for a few lucky clients who want an experienced & trusted crew to provide them basic services.

Are you looking for a refreshing change for the cleaning in your office or business? Beyond the basics, would you appreciate an experienced, competent & trusted crew, not just uncaring-hired bodies to blow thru your place with hardly a lick & a promise. Of course the basics tasks are handled, but it is the little details that make a difference. After years & years of supervisory experiences, quality control & such, we are welcoming clients to again take advantage of a real attentative cleaning that will answer their needs- it just might be “the call” that ends frustration and allows you to concentrate on more productive work in your business!

Stripping & Waxing Floors- VCT Terrazzo Vinyl Composites- a unique combination of traditional floor techniques together with hi tech machine-steam rinsing to prep the floor like never seen before!

Unlike regular rinsing,  hi tech mechanical rinsing does a much better job removing old or yellowing wax, oils, soils & residues. This preparation far surpasses manual labor efforts while making it more efficient.  Clients rave that not only do they shine like never before, they also last longer than other finishes with proper care.

And unlike “wet behind the ears” or a “slippery n slick” service experience, you get owner Chris Fenske, with almost 40 years personal years of experience , together with a competent & enthusiastic  team with years of experience to execute the cleaning..

Tile Kitchen Floor Cleaning South Jersey

Commercial Kitchen Floor

Steam Cleaning for Ceramic Tile, Stone & Hard Surfaces- you have got to see what is capable with this process, so stunning, so dramatic—you will be amazed & thrilled!  Extracts discoloration from the grout & from the pourocity of the stone  (results not duplicated with janitorial rotary scrubbing)

Such dramatic results that a well known commercial developer uses this to help their janitorial staff restore tile surfaces for easier on-going maintenance.

Another example, steaming was put to the test at a dealership service bay, with 25 years of oil & grease buildup, the result, it removed 25 years of oil & grease & exposed the white painted & sealed concrete surface!

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Restaurant Floors
  • Locker Rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Showrooms
  • Connecting Hallways

Suggested uses: a great tool for a restaurant kitchen inspection, grimy bathrooms, restaurant floors, any where, where the floors appear dull, grimy & unappealing, uninviting or even downright embarrassing.  Another great use, sanitizing public facilities like public locker rooms, increases the comfort level of the public.  Large lobbies or showrooms (like a dealership), where vehicles, rubber, lubricants & oily asphalt foot traffic migrates in to obscure the presentation of a first class facility

Marble, Granite & Stone Care- Again,  combining proven stone care with the extraction rinsing removes residues that either penetrate the stone surface or build up on the surface

  • Marble Polishing
  • Granite Counter Sealing
  • Minor Scratches & Chemical Etching
  • Poltices
  • Honing
  • Some Delipping

Carpet Cleaning– Cleaning for appearance not only enhances your image, it also protects the investment & expense you have invested

Too little attention is paid at an enormous expense.  Carpet & Flooring sets the tone for your image, and guests form opinions based on what they see. They see what you have long ago tuned out.  Want to enhance your image, have a periodic cleaning schedule

Too few realize that soil management not only enhances image, it also reduces maintenance costs & protects the investment in the carpet.  Too many in charge of maintenance decisions make short sighted mistakes that cost more in the long run. Proper walk off mats, periodic cleaning of soil entrance areas Reduces oils & abrasive soils that cut carpet fiber or cause grimy traffic soiling.  Not tended to, this results in wear & soiling that either requires replacement, creates a poor image, or even an unsafe condition.

Wood Flooring- rejuvenate dull looking wood floors without sanding, restore the brilliance, shine & deep luster to make the look rich & inviting again!

A simple process that corrects & removes buildup from foot traffics, cleaning residues & other foreign substances followed by a restoring layer that protects the wood & restores brilliance, without the expense & interruption of sanding & refinishing.

Cement Surfaces– Walk Ways, Service Areas, Storage– Areas   Have the steaming done to extract oils, grease or foods, followed by penetrants & sealers To improve overall appearance & control spillage

  • Kitchen Delivery area, Trash Disposal
  • Restaurants & Bar
  • Pool Decks
  • Side Walks