Cleaning For Health

Allergy Cleaning – Cleaning Up After Pets For Some It’s A Matter of Life & Breath  Dr Thomas Platts-Mills, head of Allergic Medicine at the University of Virginia Medical School, estimates that between 500,000 & a million hospital visits are made each year by patients allergic to bio-contaminants such as fungi, mites &  bacteria. Dr. Michael Berry of the EPA states that “Carpeting and fabrics not cleaned & properly maintained have the   potential to cause a variety of health problems inside the building environment.”

Dogs, Cats &  most inside pets can bring allergens into a home, from their hair, by their oily secretions emitted from their sebaceous glands and their saliva .   This dander, most smaller than human  dandruff, shed constantly from the body and stick to everything they come in contact with.  While Dogs & Cats both pose threats, cats cause more severe allergic reactions than other pets.   The major cat  allergen is extremely potent, especially in males.   Also, whether the pet  is short  hair, long  hair, shedding types, non– shedding types, they can all be trouble.

Dust Mites, a major cause of allergies,   live off skin flakes and dander.  They are more prevalent  in bedding, carpet in bedrooms and where people groom &  dress.  Mites also have a sticky secretion that allows them to  attach to fiber very effectively. Vacuuming does not remove mites very well.

Getting Carpets Cleaned toRemove Pet Dander &  Dust MitesIs Effective In Restoring A HomeTo a More Healthful State.


1. Do A Thorough Spring Cleaning-Use disinfectant to clean & sanitize hard surfaces, walls, floors & fixtures
2. Clean All Draperies & Soft Window Treatments- Launder in hot water, take to dry cleaner or have them                Professionally Cleaned (also upholstered furniture)
3. Professionally Clean All Carpets in House With Hot Water Extraction– including closets & basement.  Immediately  reduces 99% of allergens in home
4. Have Teflon Applied With Carpet Cleaning.      Supple Coating on Fiber surface promotes better dust release or “better vacuuming results”
4. Change All HVAC Filters, Install Electrostatic Filters. Install UVL Light Probes in HVAC System. Kills 99% & pulverizes most dust particulate, as well as kills mold & bacteria growing around the condenser & plenum- inside the air conditioner & duct work (call about air probes, we are a distributor)
5. Have Professional Air Duct Cleaning– clean & sanitize all ducts & returns.  Have Trunk Lines Sanitized
6.  Purchase Hepa Filter Air Cleaners– get advice on how many & how big they should be for  size of home
7. Consider Professional Air Treatment–
8.  On Going Allergy Cleaning 

  • Wash Sheets in Hot Water Weekly
  • Wash Bedding 4 x Yearly or More
  • Professionally Clean Carpets (esp. B/Rs, 2-4 x Year)
  • Hot Water Extract Mattresses 2 x Yearly
  • Open Doors & Windows Up on Crisp Dry Day (after rain storm!)

Case after case reveal that more than 93-99% of Pet Dander, Mites & Dust Particulate are rinsed and flushed out with Effective Carpet Cleaning-  Hot Water Extraction.  Water over 130 degrees is key to cleaning, to rinse, flush & free the sticky substance from the carpet fibers.  If the source (the pet) is no longer in the home, then that dander will not  return.

Good News for Allergic Families– Good Old Fashioned “Spring Cleaning”,With Successive Cleaning Efforts will Reduce and Remove Allergens in a Home that might have been deemed unacceptable– for good!