Before I Arrive- How To Get Ready For Your Cleaning

Our Scheduler set your appointment time usually with a 1/2 hr window of arrival for first morning appointments, and a 1 hr time of arrival for mid day and afternoon appointments. Please understand that we honor your time and understand you are making yourself available to work with our company, and for the opportunity we are grateful and appreciative. To make this a positive service experience we ask that you inform us of any precise appointment instructions so we work within your needs. If for some unforeseen reason we see a change we will keep you informed and respect your time as much as possible.

When I arrive I will need to park my van where it has good access. Usually in the driveway, so you may want to move your cars out of the garage & driveway before I arrive, so I don’t block you in. Also, we need to determine where the best access is for the project. (garage, front, side, window, even basement.) Also secure pets before I arrive.

A WORD ABOUT OUR SERVICE –My cleaning process is the finest cleaning process for carpets and upholstered fabrics known in the world today. I promise to perform my service in the most professional workman like manner, using the most advanced equipment, specialty tools & techniques and cleaning solutions available in the industry.

So that I may provide the best possible service to you in the most efficient manner, your cooperation will assist me in living up to my Service Guarantee. (Note: I must have electricity on site, should have water, heat & ideally A/C to do my job).

Tell Me About Prior Service Experiences- While I am most professional in my work and deliver a service experience that folks are pleasantly surprised about, I would like to hear about anything that has happened before that you don’t want to have happen again.—(from any service company who has come in to your home)…This way I can make absolutely sure it won’t interfere with our service experience. You see, I take pride in doing the little things, above and beyond, and want in every way to make you thrilled with what I have done!

Define Your Project-First off, to make absolutely sure we achieve your goals, please tell me exactly why you are getting your carpets cleaned… (i.e. an accident, you are moving, an event, allergies, pet issues, an odor problem, new baby) Mark any spots or spills & identify what they are (if you know)—Post It Notes Work Well! Tell me about access instructions; give me plenty of contact numbers to reach you. Notify others about walking on damp carpet (posting signs on doors, near steps, etc, is a good idea).

Prepare For Drying Time- Drying can take about as long as “hanging your clothes outside on the line to dry does.” Damp days may slow the process. Having us clean if the house is hot & steamy complicates things and slows the drying down. So, to help the drying along a little I need your help. If it is humid or remotely warm turn the air conditioner on the night before, leave it on during the cleaning, and keep it on afterward. This will help tremendously. Don’t open windows unless it is a dry, crisp day. In spring, fall or winter use your house fan and your heater. Also, if you have a dehumidifier set it up near the cleaning so it will help, and use any ceiling fans, whole house fans or little fans.


A Few Words About My Furniture Moving Policy–We will move items that do not risk injury.We will gladly be willing to move your furniture or work around it whichever makes more sense. Or,

Before We Arrive You Can Move Things. Any moving of items must be done ahead of our set up for safety reasons. During our service appointment tools, hoses, and cleaning agents hamper and crowd the work area, and make for slippery conditions. Therefore we ask that you have everything cleared ahead of our set up, and that you keep a safe distance away from our work area. Again, this is for your safety that we ask for your cooperation.

If we will be moving things, please be assured it is with the utmost care and concern to protect and preserve them. Also, these items will be moved just enough to clean under them, and then they will be carefully placed back in position with protectors underneath to keep them off the carpet till it dries.

Protectors are necessary on items with wood, metal or cloth, wicker or clay. Items that are plastic do not need to be suspended. All protectors should be left in place, for at least 24 hrs. (Feel free to ask us to leave some with you, in case you moved stuff out of the room and would like to reset them after we leave)

Other Ways to Prepare Before I Arrive:

  1. Before I arrive, lamps should be unplugged and removed from tables we are moving
  2. Beds on wheels will be moved, while larger beds or built in types will have the mattresses and box springs lifted to clean under them, Beds that will be moved will be cleared of items underneath
  3. Before I arrive, please move all small items of furniture, lamps and baskets, décor, decorative items, any collectibles or family heirlooms away from the area to be cleaned.
  4. Certain fragile, delicate, heavy or electronic items you must move ahead of time if you want cleaning underneath. We will not move China Cabinets or Curios with contents, Entertainment Systems, Wall Units, TV’s, Pianos or Computers. Modular Units must be disconnected.
  5. Before I arrive, please remove the drawers or heavy contents from dressers, nightstands or desks to be moved during cleaning.
  6. Before I begin please notify me of any special handling instructions I should be aware of if we are moving furniture & items for you (items with loose legs, tops, weak joints, damaged items, etc.)
  7. Please pre-vacuum all carpet to be cleaned. Notify me if there is a pet hair issue involved. If the carpet is not vacuumed I will have to vacuum and charge you for the extra time.
  8. Remove children’s toys from the carpet.
  9. I like your pets and children, however, because we are working with machinery, I ask that you ask that you keep your children and pets away from the work area at all times. Also, please remove houseplants from the work area.


Consider Getting PRotectant- The Mfgs. Recommend It. Now, one last thing–About Protectant. You should really consider getting this after we clean. Your carpet came with it to begin with, but it starts to break down as the carpet ages, especially in your hi-traffic areas. A hint, protectant to carpet helps as much as changing the oil in your car does to assure optimal performance and preserve engine life.. IT WORKS!

Think of it like “A Coat of Wax”– the wax protects your car’s finish from abrasive items, sun fade or oxidation, and creates a buffer. So too the protectant to carpet. It creates a barrier that deters the grinding action from your foot, sock or shoe, not to mention how it helps against spots & spills. The bottom line, proven in laboratory tests and recommended by carpet mfg’s—It works. My best clients know this secret, and that’s how we keep their carpets looking fantastic. So give it some thought!


See You Soon! Our Best Carpet To Yours,

Chris, Wendy and the Classic Team