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 Come on in, Meet the Whole Carpet & Floor Cleaning Family

"Oh my, you caught me with my hair up cleaning. Well, come on in and meet the family!"

“Oh my, you caught me with my hair up cleaning. Well, come on in and meet the family!”

Discover A Family Owned Carpet Cleaning Business That Does So Much More

Most clients really appreciate that we are a family owned, independent business, serving locally since 1983.  As founders, Wendy, my wife, and myself, Chris, set about to choose staff who will share our passion in helping others.  They are carefully selected, screened and checked, bonded and insured, trained and certified by the IICRC,  as well as cultivated for a commitment to service excellence and customer experience. At every cleaning you can expect a certified technician to oversee your project.

We guarantee the “Most Thorough Cleaning” for carpets, upholstery, leather, floors and counters, including hardwood, cement, marble, granite, all types of stone and tile. We also repair carpets and flooring and restretch carpet. We do special needs cleaning like pet odor removal (guaranteed), allergy and asthma cleaning, microbial cleaning, flood, fire, smoke and sewer damage cleanup and restoration and much more. We even offer options in cleaning methods so we use the right one for your situation.

We work closely with the finest artisan shops, sellers and installers on the East coast of carpets and all types of flooring, including the most luxurious marble. As a service to our cleaning clients, we have hand-picked a number of them and when you call, we listen to your needs and interests and recommend the one person or company whom we feel is the best company for you. We will even set up an appointment for you to meet them.

Meet the Classic Services Family:

Chris Fenske, Master Cleaner and Restorer, Co-Owner

Chris Fenske, Owner- IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner,Water Damage Restoration, Stone Masonary & Ceramic Tile, Upholstery & Leather, Odor Control, Color Repair,  Carpet Repair & Reinstallation, Commercial Carpet and secret agent. Also highly experienced in Wood Restoration, Contract Maintenance, Stripping & Waxing. Chris capably oversees all aspects of the  business with panache.   In fact- Chris is so well known around to, his clients call him “The King of Clean!”




Wendy Fenske, Client Relations, Co-Owner

Wendy Fenske, Owner- IICRC Certifed Master Textile Cleaner, Water Damage Restoration, Upholstery, Odor Control, Color Repair, Carpet Repair & Reinstallation. Also experienced in Contract Maintenance. Wendy handles office operations, scheduling, marketing, customer care & and attempts IT Functions (doesn’t want to quit her day job). Marketer Extraordonnaire, a.k.a “The Queen of Clean”.  A good friend calls her “The Dirt Queen”, and a well known House Cleaning Company recently dubbed her “The Queen of Steam”.  (do you see a pattern here?)

On a personal note, Chris & Wendy, both life long residents of Medford remain in the Fenske Family Home, having raised twins, Devon & MacKenzie-now 27, and continue to live with the nicest mother in law, Sandy, and Yorkie Pupps, Tahoe & Chesapeake.     They enjoy snow skiing in Vermont & Out West, although not recently & family boating activities at Great Oak Landing Marina Resort, on their small boat(s) on the Chesapeake. When not sailing, skiing or floating they can be seen restoring Wendy’s Family’s Vintage Runabout & Hobie Cat, and Eating Crabs. Other pastimes include Gourmet Cooking, Grilling on the Big Green Egg, Entertaining  & chasing their kids around the country to places like Vermont, Maine, Colorado, Lake Tahoe, and soon Texas & Wyoming.

Johny, Technician

Johnny Anaya, Technician- IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner, Upholstery & Water Damage Restoration.  Johnny is a lead technician whose cheery face has pleased our clients now for 4 years. Known for his reliability & consistency, he is a good member of Team Classic.

On a personal note, Johnny is the youngest of 8 in the Anaya Family. Proudly born in Puerto Rico, but raised in South Jersey, he enjoys his homeland roots & his family, most of whom are right here in South Jersey.  Whenever possible he adores being with his 2 daughters, Cheyenne & Hailey, spoiling them & taking them to the beach, Island Beach State Park, and hopes to take them back to Puerto Rico where his father & other family members still reside.


Mike Mathis-TechnicianMike Mathis, Technician & Contract Cleaner- IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner. Mike has recently rejoined Team Classic (formerly known as CWF Janitorial).  Newly certified in carpet cleaning,  Mike is a great addition for Classic’s Technical Cleaning Services, and is reviving the Contract Maintenance Division of Classic Services. His former position was that of Area Supervisor, responsible for dozens of buildings, staff & quality control for our contract maintenance business.  He, like Chris, have years & years experience in Commercial Floor Care Maintenance.


Katie, TechnicianKatie Mathis, Technician and Contract Cleaner

Katie, a life long resident is one of the Can-Do Girls who will roll her sleeves up & take on just about anything.  Also, a former cleaning employee of CWF with Mike, she is does lots of different things any given day.  Certified in Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery she & Mike together make a great team, and go the extra mile for our customers



On a personal note, Mike & Wife Katie, reside in Medford, raising 3 children & live happily with Mike’s father, 1 dog, 3 cats, and chickens.  We’ll call it a ‘gentleman’s farm’, which keeps the Classic Crew Happily with Chickens’ Eggs.  The Mathis’ are avid Phillie’s Fans, Eagles & Flyer’s Fans.  Mike competes shooting pool, and volunteers his time at VFW Events, and was a firefighter & EMT.    When not hobnobbing around Medford, Mike, Katie & 3 kids Steven, Lauren & Matthew hail at Rock Hall Yacht Club, in Rock Hall Maryland, on the Chesapeake.  With sailing in their blood, the family follow’s Grandad Parry’s passion & dedication to The Yacht Club & recently remembered him in tribute at The Charles Parry Regatta this past August.




Kathy Hoffman, Technician & Office Assistant- IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner. Kathy is a Spunky ‘Can Do’ Carpet Cleaner who stepped in to help Team Classic during some difficult times.  Unwavering & energetic Kathy showed her customers that life doesn’t slow after 60!  For about 6 months she worked as the lead, and often sole technician, cleaning carpet & upholstery.  Now retired from production, Kathy assists Wendy & Sandy in office duties, and cheerfully speaks to & schedules customers.

On a personal note, Kathy & husband Bob reside in Medford & enjoy retirement life.  An avid boating, skiing & flying family, they enjoyed sailing the Chesapeake on their 37′ C & C, (do you see a pattern? lol) which they would get to flying their small plane, a Mooney- 201 Zulu Alpha.  During the cold months they would take off with their 2 kids, Brian & Tina for Florida or the Bahamas or be seen on the hill skiing. Their hobbies must have rubbed off because Son Brian, a Captain operates a marine business in San Diego, and daughter Tina, also a Captain, can be found fishing alongside & hanging out with  Jonanthan & The Deadliest Catch Crew, or sailing with Franz Biechel on a vintage 60′ sail boat in Panama.  And now the light of Kathy’s life is the youngest sailor, Chloe, born to Tina & Franz.  Kathy is a proud & beaming Grammy!

Sandy Black, Bookeeper-IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner. Sandy continues to provide bookkeeping services and supports Wendy with Customer Scheduling.  She has earned her stripes, and in years past has been out on the truck cleaning.  Rumor has it that she accompanied Kathy to clean Kathy’s Mfg Plant Floor, removing 40+ years of grease & oil from a Mfg Plant.  So let’s just say together they are more of the “The Can Do Girls!”

On a personal note, Sandy is a passionate skier who gets her season lift ticket in April for the upcoming season.  When not skiing with Wendy, Chris & kids at Okemo, Burke,Sugar Loaf, In Colorado, Lake Tahoe or Mammouth, Sandy is thrilled to be one of the Young Senior Skiers at Burke, & has fond memories watching her grand kids race & compete in Free Ride.  Some years ago she was seen “jumping in the half pipe” with grandson Devon.  Although corrected & told not to talk, but wave your hand, she indeed jumped in, & skied & pulled it off in the half pipe- a priceless memory for her, Devon & everyone there!  If that is not ‘hip enough’  she has been seen sailing, riding motor cycles, water skiing & even flying.  A private pilot as well, she enjoyed flying with husband Don & daughter Wendy in the Mooney- 8177 Echo (another pattern as well!) . In Summer months she joins the Fenske’s hanging out on the docks & splashing around.

MacKenzie Fenske, Technician- IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner. Raised in the business, MacKenzie knows her stuff. She is a hard worker & has Mastered Carpet Cleaning from a young age.   On the truck she is one of Dad’s favorite helpers. At 21 she was a lead tech on the truck with helper Chris Peoples, and represented Team Classic with the best of them.  Only trouble, looking younger than her age, and sounding even younger, Client’s were pleasantly surprised to see what great work was done from such a young person. Now 24, and with 2 undergrad degrees (Jefferson Unniversity- R.N) (Sierra Nevada College-B.S Biology) she has been off line for the past 3 years.

On a personal note, MacKenzie has since moved to Dallas Texas, wishes that were her car in this picture, and works at Dallas Children’s, in their Level 1 ER.  Scoring raving revues from her peers & supervisors, MacKenzie is enjoying the working world, although she intends to pursue a degree as a Nurse Practitioner.   Now Married to Joe Ezzell, who is starting a Mobile Dentless Car Repair. Rumor has it he is buying a truck mount to detail cars as well, and may add carpet cleaning to take care of all the finer details in life (shhh- Don’t tell Mackenzie!) 

Eric Greene, Technician- IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner, retired. Originally joining Team Classic as a 2nd job, Eric quickly demonstrated tremendous skill & leadership & was promoted to Lead Cleaner & Lead Supervisor. Making the transition to Carpet Cleaning, Eric along with Chris & Wendy became a Certified Master Cleaner.   Working for almost 20 years, Eric delighted his customers with his Big Smile & Friendly Way.  After continuing Medical Problems Eric is retired.  With us in Spirit, and wishing to be back cleaning every single day, he is sadly missed!

On a personal note, Eric lives with Kathleen going on 20 years now, who early this year retired as well. In 2007 they both legally adopted Kathleen’s grandson Richard, who bring great joy to their lives.  And while he is an energetic kindergartener now, it is good to know that both parents are close by.  Besides parenthood, Eric loves his cars.  A mechanic at heart, who loved to race cars, he enjoys living & watching anything racing, and dabbles under the hood when he feels good.  (Anyone wishing to say hi to Eric, we hope to add space for messages soon.)

That’s the Classic Family, Now Here’s the Point

So now that you know our business-family a little better we hope you get the feeling we are friendly, caring bunch who like to meet others, who knock ourselves out to do what people ask of us and deserve, while providing a reasonable living for our loved ones.  With actually 9 Certified Techs either on board or in the wings, we have an impressive team of skilled & competent professionals to serve you.

But just so you know, not all companies are like this.  Not all companies are family friendly.  In fact, some are down right terrible.  Very few companies have certified technicians on board, which is down right scary.  Why in the world would an owner put someone on a truck, out in the field cleaning carpet & surfaces having no idea about the process, the chemistry, & how the materials are made & react to cleaning & life.  It wasn’t so long ago that there were only 250 Certified Master Cleaners across America, with only 25 in NJ, 3 of which were Chris, Wendy & Eric.  Today there are many more, but it is still amazing that so many ‘cheapy-cleany’ half baked cleaning services don’t require even 1 certification.

Real Facts About Local Cleaners, Unbelievable Stories and Even Scams

Here are a couple of descriptions of the difference in how skilled professionals work, and how the ‘cheapy cleany’ guys do things.  Also learn about some scams & horror stories, that are real & have ripped good unsuspecting folks off!

A Cleaning Difference Example: Cleaning Of Stairs-

Them- One leading competitor only cleans the flat part of the stair- 2-3 minutes tops

Us- 20 minute stair detailing-We triple detail the stair, with 2 or 3 tools, depending on technician technique.  Both tread & riser are cleaned (pass 1), All edges are cleaned-left, right & back edge (pass 2), Bull nose rounded area of stair is cleaned with special rounded wand to get the dirty edge of the carpet (pass 3)

A Cleaning Difference Example: Target Time To Clean Per Room

Them- A leading competitor gives staff 8 minutes to clean a room (no matter the size), speed is emphasized, corners are cut, not cleaned

Us- The average time to clean a room when working efficiently is a half-hour.  First we pre-spot with special spotters, we apply the pre-spray, rake in the cleaning solution & allow it to dwell (or soak so the solution starts to attack the soil). Then we extract the carpet slowly and thoroughly, using overlapping strokes, then going over it again to dry stroke the carpet to remove excess moisture.   Then we use spotters again to redo any spots that did not release.  If necessary, we re-spot & re-extract.  Then we rake the carpet to leave a finished & groomed look to the carpet.

An Unpleasant & Even Offensive Difference: Unkempt Image & Disrespectful Behavior Inside The Customer Home

Them- Perhaps The Company Representative is a personal eyesore that conveys a negative image to the customer.  Some are untrained kids, some are unkempt, some smoke in your home and leave their butts in your driveway, have obnoxious tattoos & body piercings, some are disheveled.  Some are loud, conducting personal talk or shop talk, some are constantly on the phone or totally distracted.  Some violate personal space, show lack of respect for the customer’s belongings, pets or children.  Some language inside the home is offensive, prejudicial, racist or political or religiously offensive.  Some are untrustworthy, like the customer feels unsafe, or that they will be ripped off or personally harmed.

Us- We constantly ask our staff to step outside who they are & evaluate how they are being received in the customer’s home.  Basic neatness is stressed.  Conduct in the home is focused on the customer, the tasks at hand, and care, custody & control of the work involved. Respect of property is demanded to safeguard belongings, and respect for personal safety, for pets & family members is expected.  Staff is expected to be friendly, cheery & helpful while making the customer feel at ease about the work done.    Shop talk, distractions & gossip is discouraged.  Unnecessary intrusion or invasion of personal space or belongings is not tolerated.   Our goal is to develop trust while delivering a good customer service experience & results in the cleaning. Our ultimate goal is to make the customer so pleased with the experience that they not only want to have the technician back to do more work in the future, but that they also are so pleased they refer & tell others about what we do.

A Scamming Difference Example: Bait & Switch

The Unbelievable Horror Story Scam Operators Will Put You Through

Them- You will know the “Sleazy Company” instantly, because they will advertise something like $9.99 a room, or whole house $99.  But when you call them, they are sweet, knowledgeable and sound completely legit.

When they arrive they barge in, using intimidation tactics, while the lst guy does the estimate the 2nd guy quickly brings the equipment in & sets up, sometimes even spraying chemicals on the carpets before the estimate is finalized, the bill approved & they are granted permission to proceed.  Then the lst guy reviews the estimate which is in no way similar to what was advertised or promised over the phone.  “First- there is a fuel charge for us to come out to you, you need a pre-conditioner which is extra ($.25/sq ft), you have bad soiling & bad problem spots- that will cost you more & more, if you want deodorizer-that will cost you more, you want furniture moved-that will cost you more. Oh that advertised price is just a maintenance cleaning. What you need here is our Super Scrub…”

Now the customer is furious that the price was three-times, ten-times or even twenty-times what was advertised, but the client is intimidated because everything is set up. You’re playing their game. In fact they want you to get emotional, so they can get you off balance and not thinking clearly.  They may have even begun, there is already soap all over the carpet, so what is the customer going to do?  Not to mention the customer has taken the day off of work and moved furniture, vacuumed and cleaned up in preparation for these guys. They feel violated, tricked and may even be afraid for their personal safety, and yet they have little choice but to go through with the cleaning. The cleaning takes place cutting all corners possible, cheap equipment, often with the same equipment you can rent at the grocery store, cheap & nasty chemicals used that leave behind residues, and even leaves damage or over-wetness to the carpets.  If the customer wants protectant after the cleaning, to cut costs such cleaners usually just spray water, but charge them for protectant (top quality protectants are far and away the most expensive item a cleaner carries). They blow through the job and on their way to the next one they laugh about how they “wet and jet” or “steam and scream.” They make fun of the customer’s reactions when they discovered they were being burned and make a mockery of the things the customer says.

After they leave, the customer tells herself, “Well, maybe it was worth it all if they just did a good job.” So they inspect the carpet, blot it with a white towel and realize it’s wet and dirty. Then they get mad. They think it over for a few minutes and work up their anger, so they finally call the bank to cancel their check. But it’s too late. The cleaning crew went straight to the customer’s bank from leaving their house and cashed the check, so payment could not be stopped. Those who pay with a card are better off, but not much. They can call the card company and tell them not to issue payment. But the carpet cleaning company always disputes this and if they in fact rendered service, there is nothing the card company can do, by law, after sixty-days they must pay the scammers. At some point the customer goes to call the company and often discovers that the technicians took the coupon that said, “satisfaction guaranteed,” and the work order they left has no phone number and no signature, making it hard to find them. If they ever do reach the company, the manager may be placating, but does nothing. Repeated calls result in the manager just hangs up on them, if they answer the phone at all.

I know you can’t believe this. I know you are thinking “that’s illegal.” Depending upon the wording the technician’s use when they are running up your bill it could be. Even if they do make a slip up, just try to prove it. There is little any District Attorney can or will do. After the DA gets enough complaints about a company, they will eventually move to investigate them but they rarely bring any such case to court. They can’t stomp out all of these vermin, in every industry, all across the nation. The DA is overwhelmed. They usually settle for closing the business down. But the same people who owned this scam operation have already started two others, because they knew from the beginning that they were eventually going to get shut down or ruin their name so badly that they effectively run themselves out of business. So for them, it’s simply a matter of advertising another business name.

The scammers boast that they frequently rip-off the same consumer two or more times under different company names. Some consumers never learn, they just keep calling one cheapy-cleany company after another, always getting ripped off, never experiencing a good cleaning at a fair price.

Our Solution- We quote over the phone asking for room sizes, asking questions which give us a snapshot of what the problems are which the customer wants to address, what they want moved, giving them facts that will help them decide whether they want organic or green cleaning vs. environmentally friendly mild detergent cleaning, do they want whole room cleaning or to save a little by only problem area cleaning.  We don’t add fuel or travel charges.

Often, first-time customers have been burned so badly that a phone quote won’t satisfy them. We understand and sympathize. In such a case, we’ll happily come to your home first, give you a free WRITTEN and signed estimate. Once you decide you want us to do the work, we’ll set up an actual cleaning appointment. Or, if you just want us to give you a price in writing before we start the work, we can plan to give you an estimate, but send out a cleaning truck and crew with time set aside to do the work if you approve it, but if not, you are under no obligation to have any work done.

Even after we’ve blocked out our day to clean a home, even if we have set up the equipment and cleaned half the house, if at any time a client decides the price is too high or they don’t want us to continue for any reason whatsoever, there is no hassle and no charge. In fact, when we’re all finished cleaning, if you are unhappy for any reason, we will come back to your home and rectify the problem with our apologies and if you are still not super-happy-thrilled with the work we do for you, there is no charge and if you’ve already paid, we’ll immediately refund all of your money and part as friends. What could be more fair?

We try to give workable options for the customer to choose from.  We have the best formulations, tools & equipment money can buy, we stress quality over time, insist on industry standard procedures, and leave with things improved upon over how we found them, and the client thankful, appreciative so pleased so that they tell others about our work.

A Damaging Difference Example: Ruining Carpets That Customers Hire A Cleaner To Clean

Them- A leading competitor, a popular franchise, regularly gives business to a carpet & flooring warehouse to replace carpet & flooring that they damage all the time.  In the store manager’s own words, he says the business they receive from this franchise is a steady source of work for them, and one of their “best” customers.

Us- Learning this made my jaw drop.  We are consummate professionals in the business of cleaning & restoring carpets.  We do not ruin carpets or even damage carpets.  The very thought that a carpet cleaner is a good source of income for a carpet & flooring warehouse is simply bizarre.  Unnecessary.  It is for this reason & others that we will not hire cleaners from this company, or companies like this, ever!

A Horrific & Unconscionable Difference: Contaminating a Normal Carpet to Rip the Customer Off Even More

Them- Combine the Typical Scamming Operation With Dishonest & Deceptive Behavior.  Some companies practices have been recreated on video, which aired on Twenty -Twenty & other network shows. This video was based on true business practices that an employee was trained & required to perform. We watched this video being replayed at a carpet cleaning educational seminar. We just happened to be sitting next to the employee who was hired & trained to do this deceptive work.  There was an undercover camera set up, and a nationally known industry leader set the job up & taped it.  Furthermore, the employee who “spilled the beans” left after 1 week, called in the industry experts, called the police and others to bust these guys.  Our friend, Joe Polish- Marketing Guru to Carpet Cleaners, who is now a jet setter (friends with Richard Branson) taped it & got it aired on TV, as well as got the sleeze bag carpet cleaners busted!!!

Here’s what they did- Besides the bait n switch scam & set up to intimidate the customer, this customer who was targeted because they had a pet, seemed to be comfortable financially, and was a senior widow.  Before the cleaner brought his equipment in he would urinate in a spray bottle. After the bait n switch estimate was delivered, and just as the work was getting started he would spray the urine all over the carpet. Then once the cleaning began it would release that urine smell into the air making it stink to high-heaven.  Then he would bring the homeowner in & take them to the area & deliver the news.  Now the cleaning would become much more involved, and they would double or triple the cost of the cleaning.  The homeowner would be convinced there is a problem & be forced to pay for work that was dishonest, unethical and morally wrong!


Need more convincing?

Your Classic Service Experience

Us Vs. Them

IICRC Trained
& Master Cleaners

…In the Construction of Carpet, The Cleaning Process and The Science
& Chemistry of Cleaning
You Get
Knowledgeable Professional Cleaners

Get best results possible, from a
company who does what it says while protecting & your preserving
carpet & home with your best interests at heart


Staff With A
Friendly Demeanor

Individuals Who Set A Positive Image While Working In Your HomeYou Will Feel At
Ease While Our Staff Is In Your Home

We work to create a positive,
trusting and comfortable Customer Experience. We work to reduce or
eliminate any feelings of invasion of privacy


Disheveled Suspicious Looking Individuals- You Feel Threatened In Your
Own Home
with 17 Pre Spotters

Specialized spotters for various types of stains give us the greatest
chance possible to removing spots that other cleaners think are stainsYou Get Advanced
Spotting Techniques Services

Designed to attack problem areas which will not respond with basic
cleaning Increases chances of success-Often saves carpet that might
otherwise be deemed ruinedNonePre
Spray Conditioner/Allowed The Right Amount Of Dwell
Instead Of Rushing Through– think of it as “The
Scrubbing Bubbles” phase of carpet cleaning
You Get Increased Cleaning Power To Produce More
Effective results, without being abrasive to your carpetNoneA Variety of
Wands & Extraction Tools

A wand to clean the nose of stairs, one for the edges, one that gets
around toilets, general purpose wands, a powered, deep cleaning rotary
extractor for tough traffic lanes and one designed for upholsteryYou
Get The Tough To Reach And Tough To Clean Areas Cleaned Better

Specialized wands for different situations results in deeper cleaning,
more areas & items cleaned, improves appearance, promotes increased
longevity, prolongs replacement Saves Carpet & Saves Money!1 Wand
“You Get What You Pay For”
(Not Much!)
Hottest Water,
Strongest Water Pressure
The Most Powerful Vacuum
Science Fact: Every 18 degrees we can raise the
cleaning temperature of our water, we double the cleaning ability. The
more water we flush through your carpet, the more dirt we can flush
out, but greater vacuum is required to pull the water back outYou Get
Exponentially Better Cleaning, Up To 74 Times The Cleaning Ability Of
The Other Guy, Using Less
More Environmentally Friendly, DrierMediocre or Weak
At Best
Portables That Will Never Clean As
Well Or
Truck Mounts That Clean With Cold WaterProper Technique
of Wand Stroke
Clean, Dry Stroke & OverlapYou Get Less
Chance Of Excessive Wetness & Streaking
Dries Carpet
Faster-Healthier For You Unknown Protective
Devices For Your Home
Corner Guards, Hose Wraps, Towelings,
Door Stops & Exterior Door CoverYou Get
Protection From Damage To Corners And Walls, Accidental Burns To
Children You Grab Hot Hoses, No Flies Or Weather Gets In, Protects Your
Hard Floor
Takes Best Precaution to Protect & Preserve
Your Carpets, Your Belongings, Your Home, Your Loved Ones & Pets
The Trust You Really Want & DeserveNone
They Don’t CareRinsing
Agents Added to The Extraction to break free
soils & oils & rinse out detergent residues
You Get
Less Chance of Re-Soiling-Prepares Carpet To Bond
Strongly With Protective Finish-Dries Faster
Stops Carpet From
Getting Dirty Faster After Cleaning Soapy
Residue Left in Your Carpet
Brighteners Cover Up Shoddy Work, Creates False
Impression, Fades The Carpet Over Time and Subjects Carpet to Premature

Damaging Optical Brightener
Chemicals Applied to Carpet

Bonuses For Quality Work, And Establishing
Rapport with Client In Order To Create On-Going Relationship
You Get A Caring Professional With
Adequate Time,
Encouraged by the Company to Optimize Results, Create a Positive
Experience For You, Builds Trust
What Every Customer Wants
& Deserves In a “Service Experience.” Peace of Mind &

Bonuses For Speed Trained to
Cut Corners Not Clean Them

Indeed with our skilled & experienced staff we are in a unique
position to handle many different detailing projects, both simple or
complex, to make your life easier with less hassle.

  • One call for service for your Large Estate or
    Prestigious Summer Home, for your manicured home, or for the home you
    are selling or buying.
  • One call for smaller requests from accidental
    spills, cleaning for health reasons, or even one room cleaning
  • One call for planning for special occasions,
    whether it be a new baby arrival, a wedding, party or holiday
    celebration, we’ll help you.

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